Nook Lane Year Groups

Integrated Resource 2016/17

It has been a wonderful start to the year in the Integrated Resource! Pupils in the I.R have been really enjoying interventions about feelings and thoughts and have begun to develop strategies to help manage and regulate emotions. They have begun to utilise these skills in different contexts in school.

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Year 3 2016/17

Y3 Learning: 'The Forgotten Flood'

During the Spring Term,the Y3 pupils will be learning about 'The Forgotten Flood'.

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Year 4 2015/16

Year 4 Learning: "A Greek Mystery"

We are very excited about our Autumn 1 theme and will be throwing ourselves into this exciting project

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Year 5 2016/17

The crowning achievement of the half term for the Y5s was the Mountain Rescue event. We have been raising money for this important cause for 5 years now and each year the event gets bigger and better (and more ambitious!).

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Year 6 2015/16

Year 6 Learning: 'World War II'

We are all excited about investigating life during World War II and will be investigating life in Britain between 1939 and 1945.

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Whole School Events

Sometimes we have events where the whole school take part.

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