Integrated Resource 2017/18

Autumn 2 Term

What a busy, fun-filled half term!

Children have continued to access weekly interventions about feelings and thoughts this half term and have been applying newly acquired skills in different contexts. Children have been learning about self-regulation and are in the process of personalising individual 5 point scales.

In weekly music sessions children have been learning how to read a music score and have developed their skills in the playing of xylophones. Children have enjoyed playing and experimenting with tuned and un-tuned instruments. The children have been practising their end of term songs to perform for a final assembly on Friday.

Children in Year 5 from the Resource really enjoyed the opportunities and challenges that the Thornbridge Residential Trip offered. Some children were successful in staying all week while other children felt more comfortable accessing this on a daily basis. Overall this was a tremendous achievement for many of our children.

This half term in Maths children have practised addition and subtraction and have been solving problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations, and missing number problems.

In English our book study has been Billy and the Minpins. Children have have been involved in a wealth of multisensory learning opportunities involving the creation of a Minpin house using lollipop sticks and some fantastic 3D collages of the Forest of Sin using natural resources from around the school.

This year's Grotto was another tremendous success as Santa's Elves and Santa himself visited Nook Lane in a magical 'White Christmas' themed Grotto. Children and the IR team worked very hard to make sure the experience was enjoyed by all.

Santa's Grotto 2017

Thornbridge 2016/17

Santa's Grotto 2016