Year 6 2017/18

Dragons' Den

Last term the Year 6 children embarked on the 'Dragons' Den Project'. A trip to Sheffield University Diamond building got the project underway with children being inspired by how engineering, science and maths is used to develop ideas and design products.

The project involved the children completing a number of tasks. Firstly, they had to look at their own skills and attributes, using this information the children were then put into teams of 6 with each member bringing different skills to the group. The teams then had to decide on a company name and logo. Once this was decided, the teams used their design and sewing skills to make a company uniform which had to meet a strict design criteria. This part of the project was concluded with a walk down the cat walk in our uniform fashion show!

Stage 2 involved the groups designing and making 3 electric cars which would be judged on speed, design and quality. This part of the project really tested the team's patience and resilience as the cars were fiddly to make and needed fine tuning to work successfully.

The final part of the project required each group to present their company and product to a group of judges - 'Dragons' Den' style. The groups made a PowerPoint presentation and set up stalls showing their work through all the stages. The judges were people from local companies and school governors.

The crucial element that makes this project so successful is that each session we have Simon Hamilton from UK Steel Enterprise and Jillian Goodison from the Department of Work and Pensions working alongside the class teachers and children bringing their knowledge and expertise to the project. Huge thanks to Simon and Jillian for their time, commitment, skills and enthusiasm. It makes such a difference to the way the children engage with the project.

As a school we would also like to thank UK Steel Enterprise for the financial support with this project - purchasing all the resources for the project and prizes for the winning teams. They also funded the trip to the university. UK Steel Enterprise also donated some laptops and desktop computers which have been invaluable to the school.

Welcome to Year 6 - Autumn 1 Term

Earlier this term, the Year 6 children went to Kelham Island. They had a fantastic day dressing-up and experiencing what it was like to live during World War Two.

The children used historical enquiry and investigation skills in order to experience what life was like as a WWII evacuee. They then explored the museum and discovered what it might have been like to be a munitions worker.

The children also looked at different aspects of life in the city: taking cover in an Anderson shelter, being a home guard and being a member of the auxiliary fire service.

What did Year 6 do in 2016/17?

Year 6

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What did Year 6 do in 2015/16?

Year 6 Leaver's Party

Here a few photographs from the Year 6 Leaver's Party.

Thank you to 'Friends of Nook Lane' for organising the event, Caroline for providing an excellent buffet and to Simon and Christopher for taking the photographs.

Summer 2 Term - Year 6 Residential

Here are a few photographs from the Year 6 residential. We spent three days at Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre where we tried caving, canoeing and climbing.

Summer 2 Term - TEKK Final

The winning TEKK team from each Year 6 class went to the TEKK Final. Both teams did a brilliant presentation and spoke with confidence to various judges about their product, uniform and company. Mrs Bullen's team (Best Bridge Builders) were awarded the 'Team Work' trophy.

Summer 2 Term - Year 6 Art Gallery

The Year 6 children looked at the work of Hokusai. They created their own pictures based on Hokusai's Wave using inks and brusho.

Summer 2 Term - The TEKK Challenge

The Year 6 children have taken part in a fantastic project which brings together business and education. Each class have worked with a wonderful business ambassador, who willing gave up their time, to support the school.

The TEKK Challenge involved children:

  • creating a company
  • developing a company name and image
  • designing and making a uniform
  • designing and making lollipop stick bridge
  • delivering a presentation about their company to a group of 'dragons' in a 'Dragon's Den' style scenario.

The two winning teams will be going to the TEKK South Yorkshire final in Rotherham later this term.

Welcome to Year 6 - Autumn 1 Term

The Year 6 children have been studying what life was like in World War 2.

The children investigated what happened in an air raid by studying different sources of information including film clips and radio broadcasts. Using this information they then created replica Anderson shelters and booklets about what to do in an air raid.

World War 2 - Gas Mask Boxes

As part of our WW2 theme, the children have been making gas mask boxes which have used this to underpin our literacy unit on writing instructions. Once made, the children wrote their own instructions complete with photographs of their own work.

What are our themes for the rest of the year?