Year 5 2017/18

Year 5

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What did Year 5 do in 2016/17?

What are our themes for this year?


Summer 2 Term

The crowning achievement of the half term for the Y5s was the Mountain Rescue Event. We have been raising money for this important cause for 5 years now and each year the event gets bigger and better (and more ambitious!).

The event took place on the afternoon of 7th July but was being thought about and planned weeks in advance! The children planned, resourced and ran the whole event from start to finish and created an event to remember for the whole school.

Between gunge buckets and water balloons, nail painting and craft stalls, cake stands and target throws; the children raised an incredible £421!

A big thank you to the parents and children who came and supported the event and to the children and parents of Y5 who helped to make this event such a great success.