Year 5 2015/16

What are our themes for this year?


Autumn 1 - Walk on the Wild Side

In Autumn term the Y5's got in touch with their 'wild side' and got their hands dirty during our 'Walk on the Wild Side' theme. We learned loads about the life cycles of different animals in Science, got extremely muddy when planning and going on our local walk and put our creative hats on while creating our fantastic woodland poems. Even Bear Grylls would have been impressed with some of the shelters that the Y5's created in D&T!

No challenge was too great for the children (and staff!) of Y5 as we went to Thornbridge on residential. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff at Thornbridge for an excellent week, the staff who volunteered to come and support the children, the parents who were always on the end of the phone in case of emergency and most of all the Y5 children who really showed what they were made of! It was an incredible week for everyone that took part and one that will not soon be forgotten.

Check out the pictures of some of the activities below!

Spring 1 Term - Blast from the past...

On the last day of Spring 1 Y5 were transported back in time to the days of the Anglo-Saxons during our Anglo-Saxon day! We were lucky enough to have Anne Shirling come into school (an expert on the Anglo-Saxons) and organise a range of Anglo-Saxon activities for the children to enjoy.

Horrible Histories! The children became expert archaeologists while investigating the bodies of an Anglo-Saxon man and woman.

'Dairy' me! Everyone got to have a go at making their own butter from scratch using only the equipment available to the Anglo-Saxons over 1500 years ago! It really doesn't get 'butter' than this!

The Great Anglo-Saxon Sewing Bee! Some Y5's found a hidden talent when learning the ins and outs (and ins and outs and ins and outs…) of Anglo-Saxon weaving techniques.

Anglo-Saxon Masterchef! The children served up a feast to all the staff, parent volunteers and fellow Anglo-Saxons by recreating some traditional Anglo-Saxon recipes.

Attack! The children had to be careful as they handled Anglo-Saxon weaponry and armour, learning just what it took to be an Anglo-Saxon warrior.

The Y5 team would like to extend our thanks to Anne, who gave up her own time to come into school and provide the children with an unforgettable day! We would also like to thank the team of parent helpers who came and ran many of the activities (and even did some homework to prepare!). The day would not have been anywhere near as successful without them. Thank you!!!

Spring 2 Term - Invaders and Settlers

During the Spring term, the Year 5's have been learning all about the brave Anglo-Saxon and the fierce Viking warriors. We started with an enquiry linking to the Anglo-Saxon discovery at Sutton Hoo, where our pupils pretended to be archaeologists who unearthed England's richest burial mound. They explored a series of enquiry questions and wrote their own hypothesis.

With plastic gloves at the ready, the children also dissected some fossilised organic remains (Viking poo!). Inside the poo, they found different seeds, stones and bones which gave them an insight into what the Vikings ate.

For this theme, the children have worked super hard and learnt an incredible amount. Here's a short list of some of the work we have done: investigating artefacts, drawing timelines, exploring Anglo-Saxon words, completing detailed maps to show where these invaders came from and where they settled, acting out drama scenes from the Lindisfarne, designing and making a pulley system to drag a Viking longboat from the water and making clay broaches.

Summer 1 Term - To Infinity and Beyond!

Y5 have been travelling to the far reaches of the solar system this half term in their theme centred around Earth and Space. We have learned the order of the planets, seen how big they really are and even measured how far each planet is away from the Sun (turns out it is pretty far!).

In Art we have used the colours of the planets and Sun to inspire our water colour washes which have now gone on display in school. Come and check out our work!

We are now working on a way of getting Tim Peake back to earth safely from the International Space Station. Check back soon to see how we got on and to see if Tim Peake (an egg!) survived!


In Literacy, Y5 have been using the opening to the book 'A Monster Calls' to inspire our writing. The children have created their own monsters and characters and are currently working on writing the opening to their own spooky story.

Along the way they have done some superb drama work, acting out the scenes they have created as well as writing some truly terrifying setting descriptions!

The writing will be finished soon ... come and read it ... if you dare!