PE and Sport at Nook Lane Junior School

Our PE Curriculum

Pupils have two hours of PE timetabled per week through which we develop the six areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum - Dance; Games; Gymnastics; Athletics; Outdoor and Adventurous activities; Swimming.

Sports taught include football; tag rugby; netball; basketball; kwik cricket and short tennis, as well as athletics.

Sport Premium - Primary School Sports Funding

Sport Premium is funding for primary schools aimed at improving the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. Each primary school in the country will receive £8000 plus £5 per pupil. Here at Nook Lane this comes to approximately £9750.

Please see our action plans for an overview of how we have currently spent the School Sports Premium money, it's impact on our school and pupils and our future plans.

Statistics 2014-2015

End of the Spring Term:

  • 161 out of 243 mainstream pupils have participated in extra-curricular lunchtime and after school clubs.
  • 160 out of 243 mainstream pupils have participated in competitions and/or festivals.
  • 200 mainstream pupils have taken part in extra-curricular Physical Activity and Sport. This leaves only 18% of pupils who have not yet accessed sports provisions so far this year.

Statistics 2015-2016

End of Summer Term:

  • 65% of pupils attended an extra-curricular club. This does not include children who attended Breakfast and After School Clubs.
  • Every child has participated in at least 1 festival or competition over the course of the year.
  • Out of the 29 Pupil Premium children at Nook Lane: all have participated in at least one competition, festival or club; 69% have participated in 3 or more.
  • 67% of pupils have participated in 3 or more competitions or festivals.
  • Of the 44 children with SEN; all have participated in at least one competition, festival or club; 56% have attended 3 or more.
  • All children across school have accessed some sort of extracurricular sport provision this year.

LINKS - School Sports Partnership

Nook Lane is part of the LINKS School Sport Partnership which is an organisation that is made up of families of schools based around several secondary schools across the city. They support and develop PE and sports within our school giving pupils and staff many opportunities to ensure the high delivery of PE lessons, and increased opportunities to take part in school sport and out of hours learning.

Our partnership with LINKS is assisted by the School Sport Coordinators (Sarah Lofthouse) who is based within Bradfield Secondary Schools.

LINKS aims are:

Strategic Planning: To develop and implement a PE and school sport strategy, as part of school development plans, through working in partnership with key strategic organisations and providers in the area.

Primary Liaison: to improve PE and school sport programmes by establishing and developing links within and between families of schools (particularly around the KS2/3 interface).

Out of School Hours: to provide new and enhanced out of schools hours opportunities for all young people in the partnership, including out of school hours learning, non-competitive participation and competition.

School to Community: to increase all young people's participation in community sport through creating and strengthening links with sports clubs, leisure facilities and community providers.

Coaching and Leadership: to provide training, support and deployment opportunities in leadership, coaching and officiating for senior pupils, adults other than teachers (AOTTs) and teachers.

Raising Standards: to raise standards of pupil's achievement in all aspects of their school life, through increased participation and improved performance, motivation and attitudes.

Sports Festivals, Competitions and Events

Through our involvement with LINKS, the children at Nook Lane are given opportunities each year to take part in different sporting festivals and events working amongst and against children from other schools. Please see below the table of data for Events, Competitions and Festivals that the pupils have participated in so far this year:

Event Date Attended by (children):
Primary Leadership Crew 17/10/14 2
Y3 Benchball 20/10/14 27
Y3 Benchball - intra school Autumn Term 65
Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics 17/11/14 25
Y4 Hotshots 24/11/14 9
Y5/6 Ultimate Frisby 05/12/14 60
Ultimate Frisby - intra school competition Autumn term 60
Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics - School Games Progression 17/12/14 25
Y5 Benchball 26/01/15 24
Y3/4 Sports Hall Athletics 04/03/15 20
School Games High 5's Netball 04/03/15 7
School Games High 5's Netball - Sheffield Finals 18/03/15 7
Cross-country Throughout year 20
Movement Festival 24/03/15 25
Boys Futsal Y4/5 09/03/15 14
Girls Futsal Y4/5 16/03/15 12
Y3/Y6 Healthy Schools Programme - intra school Spring term 2 Whole year groups - Y3 and Y6
Girls Futsal Y4/5 - Sheffield Finals 21/04/15 11
Boys Futsal Y4/5 - Sheffield Finals 21/04/15 7
Y6 Indoor Rowing 17/04/15 28
Y5/6 Orienteering 20/04/15 12
Bootcamp 18/05/15 Whole school
Nook Lane Fun Run 21/05/15 Whole school

Sports Clubs at Nook Lane

Here at Nook Lane we have provided lots of fun sporting opportunities for our pupils. Depending on demand, over the past few years we have used LINKS coaches to provide sports clubs including: football, netball, gymnastics, cricket, rounders, dance, multi-skills and many many others.

Please see the sports clubs data below, which shows the number of pupils who have participated in the different clubs so far this year.

Club Date Attended by (children):
Y5/6 Netball Throughout year 35
Y6 Football Autumn term 20
Gymnastics Autumn Term 22
Sports Hall Athletics Y6 Autumn Term 24
Yoga - Child led Autumn Term  
Y3 Multi sports Spring term 21
Running Club - child supported Autumn/Spring term 33
Street Dance Spring term 33
Y5 Football Spring term 13
Girls Football Summer Term 22
Change4Life Club Summer Term 15
Breakfast Club All Year 51
After-school Club All Year 30

... And the gold medal is awarded to ... Nook Lane!

In the past two years, under the superb leadership of our sports/P.E. leaders Mrs Lindley and Mr Cornelius alongside Faye Ruddleston (LINKS School Sports Coordinator for Bradfield), Nook Lane Junior School has significantly increased children's participation in clubs, extra-curricular activities and inter-school competitions, qualifying for a range of city-wide and county-wide sporting events.

This impressive work has been recognised by the Sainsbury's School Games Mark, a government-led awards scheme. Nook Lane Junior School was awarded the BRONZE level in the academic year 2013/2014. We are now delighted to announce that our school been awarded the GOLD level for 2014-2015 (Nook Lane is one of only six schools in Sheffield to receive this accolade this year).

The School Games Mark was launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Mark.

In order to achieve any level of the Sainsbury's School Games Mark, schools must meet the following prerequisites:


  • a system in place to track young people's participation in the Sainsbury's School Games;
  • opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity;


  • run a Sainsbury's School Games Day as the culmination of a year-round competition programme;
  • provide a calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) to take part in competitions;
  • display a notice board promoting Sainsbury's School Games activity.

To achieve GOLD LEVEL, a school must meet all of the prerequisites, as well as the following:


  • provide all students with two hours of physical education per week (within the curriculum only); and have extra curriculum provision in addition to this;
  • engage at least 50% of students (20% for special schools) in extra-curricular sporting activity every week;

The provision of support for talented young sports people

  1. 1. Secondary criteria: offer talented young sports people specific support to help them to balance their sporting commitments with school and home life;
  2. 2. Primary and special criteria: offer talented young sports people specific support to help them to develop their sporting potential;


  • Use the Sainsbury's School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition.

We are thrilled to receive the GOLD award and again extend our thanks to Mrs Lindley, Mr Cornelius and Faye Ruddleston for their outstanding work and the exciting, high quality sporting opportunities they provide for children at Nook Lane.

Sainsbury's School Games Sports Day at Nook Lane

Every year, during the Summer term, Nook Lane hosts Nook Lane Sports Day. During Sports day, ALL children work in their designated house (Don, Sheaf, Rivilen, Loxley) in mixed teams (Y3-6). They take part in up to 16 different multi-skills activities where they need to collect as many points as possible for their house. At the end of the event, the winning house receives a trophy and the winning team receives winner's certificates.

Also, as part of this event, we organised a series of competitive races including running races, hurdles and balance track. Each winner from each race receives winning stickers.

Parents are always invited and welcomed to come along and support this great sporting event. Tea and light refreshments are usually on sale throughout this event and the money raised goes towards developing our playground project.

Sainsbury's School Games - Sports Day 2017

On Thursday 6th of June, Nook Lane Junior School held its annual Sainsbury's School Games Sports day. The children competed in house teams in a range of different events before the long distance, sprint, bean bag balance and javelin throw events at the end of the afternoon.

The children were amazing in their support and encouragement for each other and the staff were all so proud of how they conducted themselves throughout the afternoon. They are a credit to their school!


  • Winning house - Sheaf
  • Winning team - Loxley C

A huge thank you to all the families and supporters who came to cheer the children along, it made for a cracking atmosphere!

Swimming at Nook Lane

As part of our Year 4 curriculum, all children are given the opportunity to learn to swim. We take the children to Hillsborough Leisure Centre where they receive 16 one hour swimming sessions. We aim for all pupils leaving our school to be able to swim at least 25m.

You can download our 2012/13 Swimming results which give details of how our Y4 children's ability to swim 25+ metres improved with swimming lessons over the school year.

Cycling at Nook Lane

Bikeability Cycle Proficiency: As part of our Year 5 curriculum, all children are asked to take part in Bikeability, which is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. For the pupils participating, we aim for them to ALL to complete their level 1 bikeability training (learning to control and master their bike in an environment away from cars and traffic). We also aim for as many as possible to complete their level 2 bikeability training (which gives them a real cycling experience, on small roads, so that they are able to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school).

Bike It Project!: We are happy to announce, that we are now taking part in an exciting new project called Bike It, which is run by Sustrans, the country's leading sustainable transport charity, who help pupils to be able to cycle to and from school.

Over the next few years, Bike It will promote cycling in our school in the following ways:

  • By making sure our school has the facilities needed by pupils who want to cycle to school, including a secure cycle storage.
  • By working with the local council to provide additional cycle training to help children in our school ride safely and feel more confident on their bikes.
  • By organising promotional activities and events to encourage our pupils to cycle to school.
  • By involving local shops, clubs and other organisations to help us.
  • By working with our wonderful parents so that they can help support this project.

Our aims for the Bike It project is to increase the number of children cycling safely to school, reducing the number of cars around the school, making the neighbourhood a quieter, safer and less congested place.

The Bike It project will be providing lots of opportunities for parents to get involved in the various activities that will run throughout school and, can even train them to become cycle instructors!! If you are interested in helping out, please see Mrs Lindley (PE Co-ordinator) or Mr Arbon-Davis (Headteacher).

You can download our Cycle BIKE IT! Policy should you wish to do so.

Playground Leaders Project

For many years, we have taken part in the Playground Leaders Project which introduces and develops leadership skills in Y5/6 pupils by training them to be able to organise and assist activities and games for other children in the playground.

One of the aims of this project is to increase the amount of physical activities undertaken during playtime and to make the playground a happy, fun environment for all children. This project also raises the self-esteem and self-confidence of its leaders.

Recently, new resources and equipment have been purchased to develop the playground further. These resources include; soft play toys, art media and new sports equipment to be used on the playground markings. Children and staff are going to divide the playground into different play zones so that they children can choose what they would like to play during their time outside.

Playground Games - Sports Leaders Timetable

Our 15 sports leaders are given the job of promoting school sports as well as delivering fun, sports activities during lunchtime. Through this role, they are given an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility, enhance confidence and self-esteem, improve people management skills and, on top of this, develop some peer mentoring skills.

Each day, two sports leaders plan, set up and run a game for the children to enjoy.

Monday Robin Hood, Traffic Lights
Tuesday Shark Attack, Dodgeball
Wednesday Minefield, Sandwich tag
Thursday Dishes & Dome, Sandwich Tag, Relay, Dodgeball
Friday Rabbit & Raddishes, Minefield, Tag Rugby, Caterpillar

Pupils who wish to take part in the games must meet on the top playground, by the benches, at 1pm. All children, from any year group, are welcome to join in. Good behaviour is paramount and children are expected to respect the sports leaders at all times.

Sports Educational Visits/Visitors

English Institute of Sport: Each year, all Year 3 pupils go to the EIS (English Institute of Sport) where they take part in a fun partnership games day. Pupils are given an opportunity to use the sports facilities at the EIS and gain an understanding of the job of an athlete or sportsman. They particularly enjoy using the indoor running track and sandpit long jump!

Sheffield United Fit4School Programme: Over the years, pupils in Year 4 have occasionally been given the opportunity to take part in the Sheffield United Fit4School Programme. As part of this programme, pupils get to visit Sheffield United's football ground where they get a guided tour and then a question and answer session with some of the players about football as well as healthy living. This programme provides pupils will a good understanding and knowledge about the role of footballers and the importance of having a healthy, active lifestyle.

Bounce Back to Health scheme: In Year 5 all pupils take part in the Sheffield Sharks Bounce Back to Health scheme which uses basketball stars and health care staff to deliver targeted messages around health care issues such as obesity, healthy eating, exercise and smoking. It also aims to get pupils into sport and enhance their understanding of the importance of physical education.

Leading the way in sport at Nook Lane

On Friday 24th October 2 children from each class at Nook Lane took part in some special training to become Nook Lanes new 'Sports Leaders'. We took in lots of applications and selected the children we thought would be best suited to take on this extra responsibility. Our lunchtime supervisors also gave up their time to come and take part in some of the training in order to develop playground games at lunchtimes.

The training was provided by the School Sports Coordinator for Bradfield, Faye Ruddleston who has been working with the children and staff at Nook Lane to help develop sport and P.E. in school. The new Sports Leaders had a lot of fun and were able to test out their new skills by leading a Y4 P.E. session all afternoon.

Throughout the year these children will be given the responsibility to lead playground games at lunchtimes, help organise sporting events inside and outside school, provide support to teachers during P.E. sessions including leading warm-ups, looking after the P.E. equipment across school and lots more!

Move it Day - Friday 30th June 2017

On Friday 30th June the whole of Nook Lane took part in a city wide initiative called 'Move It' day. The idea of the event was to get as many children and adults in Sheffield active for the majority of the day.

The children and teachers of Nook Lane were challenged to be active in class for at least 50% of the school day. Lots of active sessions were planned and we even had an active singing assembly, led by the ever energetic Mrs Parkin.

Everyone really got involved in the day and it was a huge success! Hopefully it will inspire the children (and teachers!) to get more active!

Amazing Year 6 Netball! - June 2016

The amazing Year 6 netball team are now the best in South Yorkshire!

The girls went to the English Institute of Sport earlier this week to compete against the best teams in South Yorkshire. Once again they played stunning netball and breezed their way to the semi final.

The final was the most challenging match, but like true Nook Lane Netballers they weren't phased by the tough competition. The final score was Westways 2 - Nook Lane 4. The girls are now ready to start training for the Yorkshire finals which will be held on July 18th.

Primary Athletics Competition - Tuesday 17th May 2016

On Tuesday 17th May, a team of 24 Y5 and Y6 athletes travelled to Woodbourne Road Stadium to compete in the Sheffield Federation for School Sport Primary Athletics Competition. The children were a credit to Nook Lane both on and off the track and we are all incredibly proud of them! Some of the children performed so well in fact that they have qualified for the Sheffield Primary Athletics City Finals.

I would like to extend a massive thank you for the parent helpers and Mrs Quick who came to support and help organise the children on the day. They all made sure the event ran smoothly and that there were no missed events! THANK YOU!

A huge well done to those who took part and good luck to those children who have made it to the final!

Mini-Red Tennis Competition - Thursday 5th May 2016

On Thursday 5th May, 8 talented Y4 boys and girls were able to compete in a Mini-Red Tennis competition at Forge Valley. We were lucky enough to enjoy some incredible weather and the children certainly showed off their talents in the glorious sunshine!

The two teams of four performed extremely well and encouraged each other enthusiastically. Both teams managed to finish second in their groups, both narrowly missing out on top spot by the smallest of margins.

A huge well done to those who took part and a massive thank to the parents who provided transport and support throughout the evening!

Year 6 Netball

The Year 6 netballers had a fabulous afternoon on Saturday (05 March 2016) at the Sheffield High School tournament. We entered two teams, who both played superbly.

One of the teams won all 8 league matches and went on the win the semi final. Unfortunately, we lost in the final. The girls came home with a silver medal. All 16 girls played brilliantly. Well done.

A huge thank you to Caroline and Donna for training the girls each week. Also thank you to 'Friends of Nook Lane' who provided our new kit.


Our great team of Nook Laners were not put off with the heavy rain and mud on the morning of Saturday 12th November.

A superb turnout of 11 runners fought their way round a tough course to achieve some superb positions. Four runners came away with personal bests. A special mention to Ethan Holder who smashed his last PB to gain a very admirable position of 12th out of 161!

Nook Lane Cross Country Runners Results and Points after 3 races so far this year are available to download. We hope to see lots of runners at the next race!

Sports Hall Athletics

A talented team of 25 boys and girls from Y6 took part in the Bradfield Schools Sports Hall Athletics competition on Monday 17th November. The children were amazing and really showed off what they were capable of. We were extremely proud of the way they competed and were even more impressed that 8 children volunteered to help out another school who has less members in their team.

The organisers and parents commented on the sportsmanship and model behaviour on show from all the Nook Lane team. To cap off a great evening of competition it was revealed that the Nook Lane team had won the event and progressed through to the next round!

This event will take place at All Saints School on 17th December (3:00 - 5:00) where Nook Lane will be competing against other winners from around Sheffield. Good luck team!

Army Bootcamp

The Year 3 and Year 6 pupils got fit and muddy during a fun-filled army bootcamp day here at Nook Lane.

Pupils had their faces painted and wore army style clothing to get them into the army bootcamp mood. Fun and laughter was had by all and the children were all exhausted at the end of it!

Sainsbury's School Games Final

A huge well done to all the pupil who took part in the Sainsbury's school games final held at Clifton Park, Rotherham.

We had 2 orienteering teams who came 6th and 7th place out of 16 qualifying teams from across South Yorkshire. We also had a mixed tennis team who, amazingly, came 3rd place winning bronze medals. We are so proud of them all!!!

To come 3rd place In Tennis in the whole of South Yorkshire is a massive achievement for our school and the pupils involved. Also, to succeed in orienteering for the second year running is also a big achievement. Congratulations.