Sparkle & Shine Celebration Assemblies 2016/17

Our latest "Sparkle & Shine" achievers - 3rd July 2017.

Our "Sparkle & Shine" assistants

It's a Family Celebration!

You are invited . . .

Every two weeks we invite parents, grandparents and families to come along to celebrate their children's achievements in our whole-school, Monday morning "Sparkle & Shine" assembly at 9.10am.

Teachers nominate one child from each mainstream class and one child from the Integrated Resource. An invitation is then sent out to families a week in advance, in order to allow some notice to those parents or families who work and would like to attend.

The children have their success celebrated in our very prestigious "Sparkle & Shine" book and they will also receive a special certificate and choose a prize. There is an opportunity for parents to take photographs at the end of the assembly.

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