Nooker Prize Poetry 2016

1st Prize - 'My Blitz'

I was dozing in my nice, warm bed,

With lots of happy thoughts in my head

As the horizon flashed up red

And my heart was filled with dread.

We had to run to the shelter near the shed

Before the hated bombers flew above our heads.


As the siren started to screech,

I needed my shoes and I made a reach.

I grabbed them quickly and zoomed downstairs,

My little brother was waiting for me there.


I frantically grabbed lots of stuff,

Until my bag started to puff,

My teddy, my coat, quite a lot more,

Soon we made a desperate dash for the door.


As we raced across the icy grass,

I wasn't convinced this would ever pass.

German bombers, that gave me a fright,

Would I ever make it through this horrific night?

Elizabeth Fox

2nd Prize - 'Fossils'

Fossils are ancient like grampas,

Old with features almost carved in stone.

Sometimes big, sometimes small,

Sometimes heavy, sometimes light.

Interesting, but if they fall they break.

Looked after and loved

They stand the test of time.

Toby Naldrett

3rd Prize - 'Messages'

M ade with love and care,

E xplaining feelings here and there,

S ometimes bad and sometimes good,

S ometimes they're misunderstood,

A gain and again they're being sent,

G iven with kindness, strong feelings meant,

E very sentence and every word

S hould have a chance and be heard.

Gabriella Manning

4th Prize - 'The Midnight Zone'

At the bottom of the ocean

Where it's totally dark,

Live lots of strange creatures

Like the luminous shark.


In the absolute darkness

If you see a little light,

Don't go near it or you'll get a big fright!

It's the Angler fish, who'll give you a bite!


In the midnight zone

Lives a fish with no bones,

The Blobfish is ugly

And its body is wobbly

But it's happy to be

At the bottom of the sea!

Mia Cowhorn

5th Prize - 'Grandad'

Grandad you remind me of lots of things,

Like the stars in the sky,

The fish in the deep sea,

The flower in the rain,

The trees full of leaves,

The sun full of fire,

The bushes full of spider webs,

The love that my Grandad gives

To plants and people, to everyone.

Isa Ricco Lupi

Highly Commended - 'Halloween'

Haunted houses are full of ghosts,

All spooky stuff is gross,

Living dead has come alive

Like a black cat trying to survive

Open doors lead to wicked devils

Witches cauldrons never settle

Evil things awake

Everyone is trying to make some gruesome cake

November is only a day away.

Maisie Gilchrist

Highly Commended - 'Scout'

I have a puppy, his name is Scout

And he has a little snout.

When the wind blows he shouts out...

"I can hear thunder and I can see lightning".

When the trees rustle and Halloween is near,

There's always a feeling that a ghost might appear.

When it comes to Halloween

You will always hear Scout saying

"Whoo,oo, whoo,oo"

James van Hateren

Highly Commended - 'Believe'

If you want to be a singer, sing

If you want to be a dancer, dance

If you want to be a footballer, play football

All you have to do is believe!


If you want to be a teacher, teach

If you want to be a photographer, take photos

If you want to be an artist, do art

All you have to do is believe!


If you want to be a swimmer, swim

If you want to be a runner, run

If you want to be a scientist, do Science

All you have to do is believe!

Marli Simpkins

Highly Commended - 'Wet Soggy Dog'

Staithes, we've arrived!

Hip Hip Hororay.

Jess let's race to the beach,

Off we go



steady on those rocks.


Jess excited ready to explore

Frantic sniffing stop start stop start

The sound of seaweed cruch crack

Waves crash splutter splash

Backflipping like a gymnast


Now me... rock pools waiting to be explored

I dive in with my eyes

A water wonderland.


Blobs, dead crabs, limpets, periwinkles,

Shall I reach in...?

Wet and squidgy ... what is it?

Maybe anemone...

Splat in the pool, wet soggy dog

Oh no Jess!

Elizabeth Patterson

Highly Commended - 'Pesto, Pasta, Pasto, Pesta'

Pesto, pasta, pasto, pesta,

Which shop should we choose?

Pesto, pasta, pasto, pesta,

Let's go to Pesto Pasta

Pesto, pasta, pasto, pesta,

But there's so many sauces I can't choose.

Pesto, pasta, pasto, pesta

Pannapasto, panna pasta, pansta,

Ponsta, peansa,

Donsa, nonsa, nensa,

Ganasta, gonsata, pieonsta, pieapasta

Peaygrannasta, pontahannasta,

Pizzamixupgrannasta, pizzamixupkannasta.

Pesto, pasta, pasto, pesta,

Which sauce shall we choose?

Pesto, pasta, pasto, pesta,

I know - why don't you choose instead?

Amelie Surridge