Health and Physical Wellbeing at Nook Lane

At Nook Lane the health and physical wellbeing of all our children is one of our school priorities. The Department of Health advises that all children should participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

At Nook Lane our aim is to try and provide children with a wide range of opportunities for children to be as physically active as possible throughout the school day. Our goal is to ensure that the majority of our children are taking part in at least 30 minutes physical activity throughout the school day.

Please find below some of the things we are doing to increase the physical activity of the children at Nook Lane and our Physical Activity Policy.

Change4Life Clubs

We run a series of Change4Life clubs at Nook Lane throughout the academic year. These clubs are in addition to the wide range of sports related clubs we have on offer.

The Change4Life clubs are designed to target those children who have not taken part in school sport previously, who find it hard to get physically active or who just want to join in and have a go!

The aim for this academic year is to use the Change4Life clubs to ensure that as many children as possible at Nook Lane are engaging in some sort of extra-curricular physical activity on a regular basis.

Mile a Day Challenge

At the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year Nook Lane launched its own 'Mile-a-Day' challenge. The idea of this initiative is for each child to build up to running, jogging or brisk walking at least a mile every day.

Children are given breaks from learning to complete as many laps as they can of the playground and of course can take it upon themselves to complete some laps during playtimes!

To find out more about the 'Mile-a-Day' challenge and the benefits it has for both physical wellbeing and learning please visit:

Active Playtimes

At Nook Lane we have tried to ensure that children are being as active at playtimes as possible. We have invested in new sports equipment which the children access on a rota throughout the week. Each year group also has a designated day to use the adventure playground and the football pitch.

Please find our playground timetable below:

Playground Timetable
  Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Monday Tennis Frisbee Balls FOOTBALL DAY
(Y6 Adventure Playground)
Skipping ropes Tennis FOOTBALL DAY Balls
(Y5 Adventure Playground)
Balls FOOTBALL DAY Frisbee Skipping ropes
(Y4 Adventure Playground)
FOOTBALL DAY Skipping ropes Tennis Frisbee
(Y3 Adventure Playground)
Frisbee Balls Skipping ropes Tennis

Sports leaders' timetable

Our Sports Leaders are given the job of promoting school sports as well as delivering fun, sports activities during lunchtime. Through this role, they are given an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility, enhance confidence and self-esteem, improve people management skills and, on top of this, develop some peer mentoring skills.

Each day, at least two sports leaders plan, set up and run a game for other children to enjoy.

Day Sports Leaders Time Where
Monday Elliott, Jason, Luke

Imogen, Amelia, Harriet D
Top yard / Next to the shed.
Tuesday Edward, Theo, Jude

Ren, Izzy, Elise
Top yard / Next to the shed.
Wednesday Lola, Harrison, Max B, Kyle

Lily, Sadie, Faye
Top yard / Next to the shed.
Thursday Dan, Henry, Slate, Vinnie

Emma, Maisie, Evie
Top yard / Next to the shed.
Friday Erin, Willow, Amber, Freyja Lunch
Top yard / Next to the shed.

P.E. Cupboard Monitors - Maisie, Emma, Evie, Faye

Shed Monitors - Faye, Willow, Erin, Amber, Freyja

Pupils leading sport at Nook Lane - 2016/17

In addition to our fantastic Sports Leaders, lots of other children at Nook Lane are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by helping to organise school sport.

Please find a list of events and activities that children at Nook Lane participated in and helped to organise in the 2016-17 academic year:

Event Date Number of children Year Group
Playground Leaders All year 24 Y4/5/6
Gymnastics Club Leaders Spring Term 6 Y5/6
Sainsbury's School Games Team Captains 06/07/17 16 Y6
Y2/3 Transition Sports Afternoon 27/06/17 64 Y5
PE Curriculum Council All year 30 All

Statistics for 2016-17

  • ALL children attended at least 1 sporting festival or competition
  • 54% of children attended an extra-curricular sports club (not including after school and breakfast clubs).
  • All 29 children on our pupil premium register attended a sporting competition, festival or club. 24 out of these 29 children attended 2 or more.
  • 23 out of 26 children on our School Support register attended at least 2 sporting competitions, festivals or clubs.
  • 33 out of 37 children on our SEND register attended at least 2 sporting competitions, festivals or clubs.
  • Out of the 63 children on our School Support and SEND registers 24 did not attend a club in 2016-17. These will be targeted in the 2017-18 academic year.
Event / Activity Date Number of children
Mile a Day challenge All year Whole School 254
Active Lunchtimes - Sports Leaders running playtime and lunchtime activities Spring & Summer Terms All children have had access to this provision. Run by 24 Sports Leaders across the week.
Move It Day 30/06/17 Whole School 254
Change4Life clubs Spring & Summer terms 60 children