Vision, Values and Aims


Nook Lane Junior School

Our Vision

At Nook Lane Junior School we will harness the strengths and talents of all children to enable them to reach their full potential individually and collectively.

We will work together with parents, families and the local and wider community to ignite children's curiosity and to encourage a love for learning.

We aim to support all learners to become responsible and resilient global citizens prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Core Values

Nook Lane Junior School

Our Core Values

1. We are friendly, caring and polite.

2. We are determined, we persevere and we are resilient.

3. We are always ready to learn.

4. We embrace difference and diversity.

5. We have a voice and we listen to others.

6. We work together co-operatively.


We aim to enable children at Nook Lane Junior School to:
  • feel happy, healthy, safe, enjoy learning and be proud of their own achievements and those of others.
  • be inspired by learning and understand its potential.
  • achieve their very best in all areas of the curriculum.
  • develop as motivated, independent and collaborative learners.
  • possess the resilience to learn from mistakes and failure and to adapt to new opportunities and challenges.
  • understand and accept difference, developing an awareness of (and respect for) our diverse and changing world.
  • make valuable contributions to the community locally, nationally and globally.
  • become confident learners, successful individuals and responsible, caring citizens.
To achieve these aims we will provide:
  • a safe, healthy learning environment that supports learners of all abilities.
  • a caring, nurturing ethos and a positive atmosphere that enables all learners to flourish.
  • a curriculum that embraces and celebrates diversity across the local, national and global community.
  • high quality teaching and learning within a rich, relevant, inclusive curriculum.
  • memorable, fun and inspirational learning opportunities in school and the local and wider community.
  • school leadership with a clear focus on continuous improvement.
  • a professional, highly motivated and skilled staff team dedicated to the ethos and aims of the school.
  • a strong commitment to working with parents as partners.
  • opportunities for children to influence decisions in the school community.
  • a diverse range of extra-curricular opportunities including the arts, music and sport.

The vision, core values and aims were reviewed in September 2016.

Whole-School Priorities for 2016-2017

KEY PRIORITY 1 - Leadership & Management

LM1a: Develop the role of senior and middle leaders in school and between schools

LM1b: Develop link governors' strategic role in school

KEY PRIORITY 2 - Quality Of Teaching & Learning & Assessment

QTL2a: Ensure that staff in all year groups are equipped to support and challenge pupils to meet improved end of year outcomes

QTL2b: Ensure that staff assess and moderate children's work consistently to impact on outcomes

QTL2c: Embed mastery in maths across school

KEY PRIORITY 3 - Personal Development & Well Being

PDW3a: Raise pupils' awareness of our diverse beliefs and cultures

PDW3b: Promote the importance of Nook Lane's core values and British values

PDW3c: Promote the importance of children's physical health and well being

KEY PRIORITY 4 - Outcomes of Pupils

OP4a: Improve pupil outcomes in reading attainment and progress at the end of KS2 and throughout school

OP4b: Improve pupil outcomes in maths attainment and progress at the end of KS2 and throughout school

OP4c: Narrow the achievement gap for vulnerable groups (pupil premium, girls with high prior attainment in maths, boys in reading and for pupils with SEND in writing and maths)