Worried or Concerned?

What can you do if you have any worries or concerns about online safety?

1. CEOP report button - If someone has acted inappropriately to you or your child online you can report it to CEOP by clicking the button above.

2. Contact Mr John Thornton, the school's On-line Safety Co-ordinator, who will be able to discuss any concerns you might have.



On-line Safety at Nook Lane Junior School

At Nook Lane Junior School we are committed to educating children in how to stay safe online and how to be responsible users of the internet.

We consider this to be a partnership between school and home and are supporting parents by establishing the Parent Internet Awareness Group and running online safety events.

A new face for On-line Safety.

We are pleased to inform you Mr John Thornton (Year 4 teacher) will be taking on the responsibility of On-line Safety, previously known as E-safety, from Mr John Chadbourne (Deputy Head). Mr Thornton will be taking forward the excellent work Mr Chadbourne has already put in place and ensure the children receive the very best education upon staying safe whilst on-line.

Mr Thornton will be updating parents and carers upon current issues regarding on-line safety and will be inviting suggestions for areas they feel need to be addressed.

There will of course be a hand over period and the Safeguarding and Senior Leadership teams will still always deal with any matters of concerns.

You might find the links below useful guidance upon the current issues young people are facing today. Not all content will be relevant to your child but you may find it more applicable to older siblings. Please, therefore make your own judgements on which areas you choose to discuss with your children.

Links for Parents

Useful Websites:

A useful document provided by the government: